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Engineering Support Center

Keeping you connected across business and residential sectors

The Engineering Support Center provides comprehensive circuit assessment, design, auditing, testing and back-office support across the provisioning and service delivery process for new services.

To ensure accuracy and validity during intake of new customers, our experienced team of engineers will provide a quality work product that meets the high standards of the customers we support.

Highlights of our services include:

  • Holistic circuit analysis to support new service turn-up and install validation.
  • End-to-end configuration and validation of backbone and distribution level infrastructure to facilitate new service activations and hardware installation.
  • Coordination of ILEC, CLEC, and remote hands contractors in installations outside of traditional carrier footprints.
  • Remediation and auditing of existing intake processes and workflows to streamline and organize activation pipelines.

Additional Benefits:

  • Allow for rapid adjustment of service delivery pipeline to ensure new procedures and products are delivered successfully.
  • Guarantee of final provisioning document and customer records to ensure coherency and timely resolution of emerging issues.
  • Availability of KCI engineering resources to quickly expand or contract the workforce available for a project or pipeline.
  • Ability to free up internal customer resources to freely prioritize critical personnel where they can be the most effective.
  • Significantly reduce overhead costs related to failed installs, repeat truck rolls and failures resulting from low intake data integrity.

What makes the KCI ESC special?

  • Our team is comprised of industry professionals with many years of experience
  • We have the ability to scale up or down quickly to address customer needs
  • We can augment your existing team or completely take over work functions
  • Our team will complete work in accordance with your company standards and processes