Our Installation Project Leads are full-time employees and have multi-vendor and technology integration experience.

Engineering, Furnish & Installation

We offer turnkey network infrastructure solutions for both inside and outside plant addressing operator needs. KCI offers contractual equipment and services for many OEM platforms. We have certified, full-time, in-house personnel to install; test and turn up; and provide technical support.

Central Office Supplemental Services

KCI offers a wide range of functions that fall within our Central Office Supplemental Services. We provide the expertise along with competitive and creative pricing.

Asset Management

A well-planned and diligently guided spares management and repair program reduces spare plug-in cards and inventory levels; flattens distribution models; and will recoup millions of dollars for the service provider.

KCI Deployment Services

KCI provides engineering solutions specific to the client’s standards, offering turnkey network infrastructure solutions for both inside and outside plant addressing operator needs.

KCI contract services offerings include equipment and services for a number of OEM platforms to include (but not limited to) Alcatel, Lucent, Juniper, Tellabs and Cisco. We have certified in-house personnel to install, test & turn up, and provide technical support on these platforms. KCI’s integration teams are currently working with a number of carriers installing back-haul, switching and data center equipment.

KCI provides installation specs in either the client’s format or KCI’s proprietary format. KCI has created an exclusive program which allows the engineer to build a detail installation spec with minimal time and effort.

KCI provides full support for the installation forces in the field. Upon completion of an installation, the engineering group insures all drawings and records have been updated prior to turning them over to the customer.

We provide an array of engineering services for our clients.

  • Field engineering services
  • Space planning
  • Detail engineering and installation specifications
  • Floor and equipment layouts
  • Site and equipment specific drawings
  • Assignment records
  • Equipment interconnect, block diagram drawings
  • Updating of existing records & drawings
  • Custom CAD & assignment drawing templates
  • Equipment/materials consultation & research

Primarily comprised of former field technicians, KCI has found that their backgrounds enable them to engineer a job with greater accuracy than engineers without field experience.

KCI offers a wide range of functions that fall within its Supplemental Services. KCI provides the expertise along with competitive and creative pricing.

  • Asset management and inventory control
  • Bar coding
  • Equipment warehousing
  • Facilities contamination control and cleaning
  • Grounding audit
  • Office grounding upgrades and reconfigurations
  • Equipment decommissioning and removals
  • Auxiliary iron work, cable rack removal
  • Cable mining
  • Main frame Provisioning
  • Power systems/battery maintenance

A well-planned and diligently structured spares management and repair program reduces inventory levels, and flattens distribution for meaningful savings.

As the Service Provider looks for financially prudent and effective solutions to drive significant hard cost — the opportunity to explore and research alternatives to cost effectively manage the legacy assets is here and now. In addition to this value added proposition, the Service Provider’s Operations personnel can be confident that the critical spare is accounted for and the technician can place his/her hand on that critical spare during the critical time of need. KCI’s solution is collaborative:

Benefits: Repair

  • Reduce realized repair cost per card by up to 25%
  • Replacements for “No Trouble Founds” and ”Not Economically Repairable”
  • All Repaired Cards 100% Tested
  • All Repaired Cards Warranted for One Year
  • Increased confidence in field operations and NOC personnel

Benefits: Spare Inventory Audit and Realignment

  • Reduce PICS CAPEX and OPEX by avoiding purchases utilizing what Service Provider may have in Excess Spare
  • Reduce OEM spare CAPEX and OPEX for next generation technology
  • Generate Cash by managing and optimizing the sale of excess and Obsolete Spares

Benefits: Spares and Repair Management

  • Reduce Service Provider’s total number of spares by placing a reasonable ratio of spares into a fixed loop system of new, repaired and tested spares
  • Two, four or 24 Hour service level agreements via strategically placed depots
  • Reduce reliance on CO personnel to manage spares inventory
  • Eliminate technician inventory management time

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